Don’t Fear The Repo

In what was probably one of the strangest experiences of our time in the LA Muni League, the end of our first half today was interrupted by the repo man.  A “concerned citizen” yelled out at our main referee that their car was being towed, at which point the game immediately came to a halt as the struggle over a hard-topped jeep began in the parking lot.  A lone ref, going heads up with a giant of a repo man – add in a dash of pepper spray, some squatters rights and you’ve got the full on drama that was our “halftime” today…  The whole ordeal was caught on video by several bystanders, include Peche who’s realtime Persiscope video garnered over 800 views in only a few minutes.  In the end though, our heart goes out to the referee who not only got his car repo’d but, ended up with a face full of mace.

The remaining referee crew managed to scrounge up a third ref about a half hour later (although they vehemently claimed that only 15 minutes had passed).  Some of our players had left by this point, and our boys were definitely a bit cold as we entered the 2nd half.  The manager was leaning towards a re-do, but hey, players wanna play so we continued on.

Atlético quickly found itself up two goals in what seemed to be an easy win for us.  Perhaps complacency set in, but we slowly lost our moxie and let Mayhem FC equalize.  With three minutes to go, our adversaries scored off of a corner kick, taking advantage of a surprisingly vacant near post.  By the time our 2nd half keeper got there, it was just too late.  One play later and the whistle was blown.  Frustrating because pound for pound, we felt that we were the better side, but perhaps we’re lacking that last little bit of bottle that it takes to succeed at this level.

In the end, Atlético fall 4-3, sadly after being up 3-1 for most of the 2nd half.

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