First Team get first win of the season

3rd Game of the Season yields 3 points.

As a club, we’ve been here before – newly promoted, only to languish at the bottom of the table.  Sure, we’ve shown gusto each toward the end of the season before, but typically so late that it requires nothing less than absolute perfection from the last few games.  Maybe it has allowed us to move up a place or two, but never enough to last more than one season in LA Muni league’s top division.  We’ve been up twice and been relegated twice.  We think we’re better than that.  We say we’re better than that, but the results have borne out a different truth.  We’ve worked so hard to make it back up to the Super Metro, only to have somewhat disappointing results in our first two outings, so today’s victory was extra sweet.

Today’s game saw an unusual amount of red cards for Atlético Silver Lake’s first team, but the general feeling is that if we’re not getting at least a couple of cards, we probably aren’t working hard enough.  Speaking of cards, Atlético mid-fielder Beto Costa played well, controlling and distributing the ball in the midfield, as well as creating several chances for new striker Ben Grime, who had another amazing display of athleticism, but came just short of putting in the back of the net.  Ben’s chances have been so amazingly close, that he still has the support of his manager as a starting first team striker.

New Goalie Humberto Lepelch, managed to keep a clean sheet, despite some defensive errors and keen shots on goal.  Today’s game saw the return of Brian Bianchetti who headed a goal in off a corner kick by Ken Taylor – within the first couple of minutes of play.  It’s starting to look like our system is starting to finally pay off – even players who were once locker room detractors are now backing Coach David Estes philosophy, terminology and best practices.  Nice to see it all coming together, finally. Our goal is at the same time magnificent and modest – Stay in the Super Metro for more than one season.  We’ll modify it to Win The Supermetro once this first step has been fulfilled.

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